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100+ Happy Diwali 2018 Quotes, Wishes, Status and Greetings

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On Diwali, I needed to send you dreams to get a calendar 2018 year filled with prosperity, wellbeing insurance and tons of exciting! Hope you are in possession of a happy Diwali 2018 in-advance!

Might fill your life with glowing and joy cheer, also also bring for you joy and prosperity, for the year. As your rejoice this holy situation, probably the most adoring thoughts and fantasies will be for you personally... May the beauty of Diwali fill your planet and your soul and also the love that's always yoursbring you boundless delight. Enjoy A Wonderful Diwali And New Year Ahead of Time!

Advance happy Diwali Wishes 2018, Diwali quotes 2018, Happy Diwali Messages, happy Diwali SMS: November is here now and we all have been set to prepare for that influential festival of lights, yes I am talking of Diwali. Diwali is a festival celebrated by Hindu religion's folks all on the planet. The festival is believed to be celebrated to celebrate the truly amazing Roman god Rama's home coming, along with spouse, Sita and his brother Laxmana. The celebrations this season should be held on 11th of November. People on this day want their friends, and also their loved ones of course, should you too need todo so, this could be the correct place for you personally, from wherever you can easily replicate these Advance Happy Diwali 2018 Quotes, Messages, SMS and greetings and mail to your family members.

Send improvement Satisfied Diwali Shows, happy Diwali Messages 2018, happy Diwali SMS, Happy Diwali Greetings, happy Diwali Photos 2018 for your friends and family. This specific short informative article together with your buddies then pleases and desire them about this particular auspicious Diwali 2018 if you like Happy Diwali Messages, previously pleased Diwali Wishes, Diwali SMS 2018. Often there is some thing bright and warm, about this period of the calendar year, when everything comes with a particular glow, and kisses are full of cheer, and which is whythis special greeting happens your way, to want you all life's most useful, on Diwali as well as at the next year, too. This Diwali, can you be blessed with good fortune as long as wealth Ganeshji's trunk and prosperity enjoyment as sweet and can your trouble be small because his mouse. happy Diwali In-advance! Might the festival of lights become the harbinger of prosperity and joy. While the holy occasion of Diwali is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of love and mirth, here's hoping this festival of magnificence brings your way lieu of contentment, that stay together with you.

Best Diwali Wishes for Friends and Family 2018

I wish that this Diwali be the brightest ever…. May it bring interminable joy, bliss, and riches to every one of us… . May we appreciate this bubbly season with high spirits… . Cheerful Diwali to my beautiful family.

Diwali wishes for Family

My family is the most valuable blessing that I have from God… . Wishing all of you a warm and great Diwali… . May we as a whole are showered with choicest endowments of Laxmi and Ganesh.

Best Diwali wishes for family

My petitions on this Diwali are for good wellbeing and joy for my delightful family… . May all issues remain away and we appreciate this magnificent happy event… Shubh Deepavali to all.

Best Diwali Wishes for Girlfriend 2018

To the dear family, upbeat Diwali wishes for every one of you. I ask this Diwali be the best of just for you and let it get achievement in for our entire lives until the end of time.

Best Diwali Wishes for Boyfriends 2018

This content conveys cheerful Diwali wishes for my family. I likewise send blessings of Diwali like desserts and fireworks for you to lit and spread light in lives.

Best Diwali Wishes for Whatsapp 2018

May the lights of joy, brilliance and achievement light up your life… . May endowments of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi spread new expectation and everlasting satisfaction in your life in the coming year. Wishing all of you an exceptionally Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year.

Best Diwali Wishes for Facebook 2018

Lucky is the person who has figured out how to appreciate, yet not to envy. Great wishes for a quiet and prosperous Diwali.

Best Diwali Wishes for Instagram 2018

May the perfect light of Diwali spread into your life/Peace, flourishing, bliss and great wellbeing. Upbeat Deepawali!
Together with my 1 core 2 eyez 7 liter bloodstream 206 bonez 4.5 million reddish cellz 60 trillion D N A”S. All wishing you a very HAPPY DIWALI 2018.
With this precious minute of Deepavali, I wish you very Happy Diwali and I hope you will find all your jobs fulfilled and you receive a great deal of presents and sweets with this Diwali.
This Diwali, let’s burn our egos and fill our hearts and minds with pure ideas. Have a good Diwali 2018.
Wishing you and your loved ones a bombastic Diwali!!! Have plenty of fun and plenty of masti!!
Happy Diwali to a person near me. Hope all of the angels are singing for you in paradise…”Happy Diwali 2018
Now’s the’Festival of Lights’ around; A joyous day for hearts and minds and spirits; Laughter and smiles for several days; Let there be the victory whatsoever.
May the festival of lights brighten you up and your near and dear ones resides…”Happy Diwali In Advance”
May the celestial light of Diwali bring into your own life serenity, prosperity, happiness and decent health. Happy Diwali 2018!
Rejoice on this blessed occasion by spreading joy with your friends and nearest and dearest. Happy Diwali 2018!
Might this Diwali, you’re blessed with great luck — provided Ganeshji’s trunk, wealth, and prosperity — as large as his tummy, happiness as sweet as his laddoos and problems — as little as his mouse.
Hopefully, the message has been conveyed clearly, and you did know just what you have to do. It is high time you come from the stage of adhering to your previous fashion wishes and bring out something new from the inside of your self.
Fortunate is the Person Who has heard to Admire, but to not envy. Good wishes for a joyous Diwali having lots of peace and prosperity.
It’s The Season To Pay A Visit To All
Our Friends And Relations To Hand Them Over Sweets And Presents, Happy Diwali 2018
Eight for your bright full future cracker for your demolish of your failure, Rangoli for your colorful life.Happy Diwali 2018..
The true spirit of Diwali is in the light it brings May the diyas and fireworks brighten your life with joy ! Happy Diwali 2018 !
It’s the “Festival of Lights” today, It’s again the day of Diwali, It’s time to dress up folks,It’s time to adorn the thali.

!***Happy Diwali 2018 Quotes***!

Diwali Wishes 2018 May you be blessed with all happiness as well as to last. happy Diwali 2018 Ahead of Time! Possessing a booming Diwali. Hope this festival of lights, brings you each pleasure and happiness. The lamps of enjoyment, illuminate your own life and fulfill your times with all the sparkles of mirth, peace and goodwill, as you are best and so much more. Have a and happy and Diwali and year Ahead of Time. On Diwali, fantasies for prosperity and every single joy. Here's hoping, that the beauty of this festival of lighting brings you a huge happiness, joy and pleasure , to continue the entire season through. Happy Diwali In-advance. As you celebrate this situation, you are wished the moments which Diwali could attract, plenty of love and bliss to fill together with cheer and a New year that is sure to bring youpersonally, the best of that which. A Diwali wish for each and every enjoyment. May the warmth and grandeur, that are part with this occasion, fill your life with bright and delight cheer, also also bring for the whole calendar year.

Today I feel gifted and blessed that my Diwali is full of affection, love, celebrations as it was always. May God always keep his blessings on us like this.
May this Diwali Light up new dreams, fresh hopes, undiscovered avenues, different perspectives, everything bright, beautiful and fill Ur days.
Paying respects to the gods,And decorating for them the thali,This is what the occasion is all about,This is the spirit of Deepavali..
May the Goddess Lax mi bless you with prosperity and good luck.Happy Dhanteras And DIPAWALI to u and your FAMILY.* Happy Diwali 2018 *.
I Pray to God to give U Shanti, Shakti, Sampati, Swarup, Saiyam, Saadgi, Safalta, Samridhi, Sanskar, Swaasth, Sanmaan, Saraswati, aur SNEH. SHUBH DIWALI.

An existence with you resembles diwali, so lets guarantee to be as one like this eternity. Wish you an extremely Happy Deepavali.
The hugeness of Diwali is the evacuation of the murkiness of obliviousness from the brain by filling it with goodness.
Satisfaction is in air Its Diwali wherever Lets demonstrate some adoration and care And wish everybody out there Happy Diwali 2018
Diwali is an extraordinary time to praise our affection for each other the adoration that is an overall inclination that everybody shares.
To make your as well as my Diwali Special be together with me as long as I live my Life.
This Diwali I wish you get a great deal of wafers yet you don’t get a match box to light them. Spare nature, so no to wafers.
On the precious moment of Diwali I wish you happy Diwali and I pray that you get all your endeavors fulfilled as well as you get lots of gifts and sweets this Diwali.
May the Divine light of diwali spread happiness, peace and prosperity to you and your family! May the lights of this auspicious festival fill your life with the eternal glow.
A matchstick glows for a few seconds, a candle glows for a few hours, a sun glows for a day. I wish you glow forever and ever! Happy Diwali to you and your family!
This is to formally announce that I have started accepting Diwali gifts in ROKDA and CHEQUES. Avoid last day rush. Send Now!
May the festival of lights encircle your life with immense Joy and Happiness. Success comes at your doorsteps with these thoughts sending my warm wishes to you on Diwali and always
Wishing a great Diwali that is all set to brighten your days with prosperity, warmth, success and the very best that life can offer, now and forever.

!***Happy Diwali 2018 Quotes For Whatsapp and Facebook***!

Happy Diwali Messages 2018, happy Diwali Quotes, happy Diwali Photos and happy Diwali Shows. Diwali is almost here now and we've only been complimentary out of our loved performs for your Diwali festival. Now is the time for greeting and assembly our friends with pleasures and sweets. And in the event that you'd like to wish your pals a exact Happy Diwali, then this is the correct location for you from where it is simple to send these content Diwali Messages, Joyful Diwali Quotes, pleased Diwali Images and content Diwali Wishes. Consequently, in the event that you're considering uploading a film that is mind-blowing to Facebook or to deliver it into your contacts, along with a very beautifully written Diwali Quote 2018 it really could be what for you. This website was created for you in that situation, as from right here you can easily download and then talk about a number of their absolute most exquisite pleased Diwali face-book Status, together with all your buddies and nearest and dearest. Exactly what are you waiting for? Read on and speak today.

Happy Diwali quotes for Facebook, Diwali Images for Facebook. Diwali is the festival of Dias/Lights/Deepaks, as most of the men and women call it. It's a superb festival for the people of this Hindu Religion, with this daythe Hindu households in the Earth, pray to the influential Hindu gods and goddesses to their well being and to keep the wealth of their families. The party of the festival are all taken outside, as meals is cooked on the day. Every one else dines, and then bursting fire crackers sets to flame on the celebrations of the festival. Though the days are shifting and people are now moving on to becoming green, with saying no to desserts. Well, that is some other issue, which additionally will occupy an informative article on the site, while the motto with the specific essay will be to share with you the ideas of the ideal delighted Diwali 2018 positions.

May the gift of happiness and prosperity fill your heart and home with joy on Diwali and Always – Happy Diwali 2018!
May the festival of lights encircle your life with joy and happiness. Success may always be at your doorsteps. And may Goddess Lakshmi enter your home and fill it with riches and abundance!
Warm wishes on this auspicious festival of Diwali!
Light a light of adoration! Shoot a chain of distress! Shoot a rocket of success! Fire a window box of satisfaction!
An existence with you resembles diwali, so lets guarantee to be as one like this eternity. Wish you an exceptionally Happy Deepavali.
The centrality of Diwali is the evacuation of the murkiness of obliviousness from the brain by filling it with goodness.
Satisfaction is in air Its Diwali wherever Lets demonstrate some affection and care And wish everybody out there Happy Diwali 2018
Diwali is an extraordinary time to commend our adoration for each other the affection that is an overall inclination that everybody shares
This Diwali I wish you get a considerable measure of wafers yet you don’t get a match box to light them. Spare condition, so no to saltines.
May you carry on with your life like the celebration of Diwali, glad sound, affluent and Very Happy Diwali 2018.
May you be honored with satisfaction and prosperity to last as the year progressed. Glad Deepawali.
May each flame that will be lit on the night of Diwali bring delights and flourishing for everybody.
Light a light of adoration! Shoot a chain of distress! Shoot a rocket of flourishing! Fire a window box of joy!

!***Happy Diwali 2018 Quotes In English***!

The noteworthiness of Deepavali is the expulsion of obscurity and numbness from the brain and documenting it with goodness.
The present the `Festival of Lights’ everywhere on; A cheerful day for psyches and central cores; Laughter and grins for a long time; Let there be triumph inside and out.
Candles to appreciate life; Decorations to light life; Presents to share achievement; Fire Crackers to consume shades of malice; Sweets to sweeten achievement; And Worship to say thanks to God! Diwali Wishes from Heart.
For this is an exceptional time when family and companions get together, for no particular reason. Wishing diversion and amusing to cheer your days, in this Diwali merry season.
Diwali – The flawless celebration of tidbits and desserts everybody getting a charge out of a regal devour; when old and youthful with enchant meet and with adoration and love do all hearts beat.
Give me a chance to make your Diwali more bright with the lights of wishes of my heart. Upbeat Diwali
May you carry on with your life like the celebration of Diwali, upbeat sound, well off and Very Happy Diwali 2018.
May you be honored with joy and prosperity to last as the year progressed. Upbeat Deepawali.
May each light that will be lit on the night of Diwali bring delights and thriving for everybody.
Please recive our simple Gift of “WISH “”wrapped with LOVE” tied “with CARE” “n sealed with a PRAYER” to keep U and Ur Family ” “SAFE “and HEALTHY” HAPPY DIWALI 2018.

!***Happy Diwali 2018 Quotes FOr Friends and Family ***!

Happy Diwali Messages 2018

we are all aware that social networking has turned into an increasingly significant part our own lives. Folks today send that the assistance of the internet web sites to lots of 2018 Diwali messages with. You'll find several different types of happy Deepavali 2018 messages that can be found about the web therefore we may utilize these messages. A great deal of folks make a poetry messages and forwards them for family and their own pals. A few folks choose Diwali messages that are joyful 2016as they wish to get this to festival filled with delights.

Happy Diwali 2018 homemade cards

Folks utilize an assortment of cards within this particular festival to desire your own buddies. The cards are bought by them and compose some Deepavali messages onto these. While kiddies utilize to produce these cards together using decorative items plus they that they present a few joyful Diwali messages 20-16 on those cards. This really is among the greatest methods to greet with close good pals members and your loved ones.

Diwali Messages 2018 to girlfriend

Diwali is about wanting the others and encourage them to your home to combine your party. Various men and women have various tactics to greet one other nevertheless the main section would be that your feelings that is often readily represented by using their joyful Deepavali 2018 messages. We ought to additionally encircle our relatives and pal by simply sending any gorgeous messages giving them excellent delighted Diwali cards.

Homemade cards really certainly are among the absolute most crucial elements of almost any party and also we know this time Diwali is in complete minus happy Diwali 2018 homemade cards. Folks send a lot of joyful Diwali greetings 2018 for their buddies and family relations. Kids utilize cardsto that is joyful Diwali 2018 want his or her buddies. They enhance them together with products that are amazing card and then make their own very own card. From the day that they talk about with your cards and see their good friend's home. These matters create this festival specific for every one us.

Kumkum bhare kadmon se aaye LAYXMIJEE apke dwar, sukh
sampati mile aapko apar,Deepawali ki subhkamnain kare sweekar. Subh Diwali
May the festival of lights add sparkles of joyto your life. Wishing you a happy Diwali 2018!.
May your life bloom with joy and you have a grand celebration on this Diwali.
Troubles as light as Air, Troubles as light as Air, love as deep as Ocean, Friends as Solid as Diamonds, and Success as bright as Gold… These are the wishes for you and your family on the eve of Diwali.

!***Happy Diwali 2018 Quotes With Name***!

May this Diwali illuminate your new dreams, new expectations, new roads, and new points of view? May it shower everything great in your life and fill every day with wonderful minutes. Upbeat Diwali to you!
In all actuality presence needs your life to wind up a festival…because when you are miserable, you likewise toss misery all around.
On this propitious and shining celebration of lights, may the sparkle of light enlighten your life and brings you bliss, Prosperity and joy. Glad Diwali!
With glimmer of favorable Diyas and the heavenly serenades, may bliss and flourishing fill your life for eternity! Wishing You and Your Family extremely Happy and Prosperous Diwali!

!***Diwali Wishes for Whatsapp Status 2018***!

Diwali is an otherworldly time to celebrate with friends and family. May you get the opportunity to make unique recollections with the ones you cherish, this Diwali. All the best!
May the gaiety and joy of the mysterious celebration of lights give you unlimited snapshots of delight and love. Upbeat Diwali
May the joy of this awesome celebration of Diwali fill your existence with interminable bliss. Cheerful Diwali to you and the ones who matter to you!
May the delight and cheerfulness of this stunning celebration encompass you with everything upbeat and positive. Upbeat Diwali my dear!
May the wonderful shining lights of Diwali light up you life improving it a place to live. Glad Diwali
May the shining diyas of Diwali favor you and your friends and family with positivism. Upbeat Diwali
As you play out the Puja customs of Diwali, I quietly petition Lord Ganesha to shower joy and success upon you. Upbeat Diwali!
As you go to Lord Kuber on the propitious eve of Diwali, I go to him to shower riches on you and influence you to feel the most fortunate. Upbeat Diwali
May Goddess Lakshmi go into your home this Diwali night and fill it with riches, good fortunes and success. Upbeat Diwali
Diwali is the best time to make exceptional recollections with your family and friends and family. May you make the most elite recollections this Diwali. Upbeat Diwali
May this Diwali bring unlimited snapshots of bliss and love to your life. Cheerful Diwali
May the celebrations of Diwali over-whelm your heart with bliss and joy. Upbeat Diwali
I trust this Diwali conveys loads of fortunes to you life and satisfy everything you could ever want and wants. Upbeat Diwali
May the fortunes and love be with you on this promising event of Diwali. Wishing you an awesome Diwali
Life is a celebration just to the shrewd.
Give this Diwali a chance to consume all your awful circumstances and enter you in great circumstances.

!***Happy Diwali Messages and SMS 2018 ***!

Another year will be over, another year will come.
I hope and pray that the lights of Diwali
illuminate the new chapter of your life.
Happy Diwali!

May your life be as colorful, magnificent,
shimmering and magical
as the lights from the lamps of Diwali!
Happy Diwali!

!***Happy Diwali Messages for Corporate 2018***!

May this upcoming Diwali bring you luck, happiness
joy and success in all your endeavors in life.
God bless!
I am wishing that the bright lights of Diwali
guides you through your way out
of every streak of trials in this life.
Happy Diwali!
May joyfulness and luck transcends
through the earth as we celebrate
the festival of lights.

!***Happy Diwali Messages for Boss 2018***!

I hope that the flaming sparks of the lamps of Diwali
which burns like a shooting star,
guide your way through your dreams.
May every aspect of your life become
as luminous and exciting as
the lights flickering
on the lamps in the festival of lights.
It’s The Season To Pay A Visit,
To All Our Friends And Relations,
To Hand Them Over Sweets And Presents,
Diwali Is Our Splendid Chance.
Open your doors to the footsteps of Lakshmi,
Open your mind to the wisdom of Ganesha
And open your inbox for the wishes from a friend.
Sending you loads of hugs and goodwill.
A very happy and memorable Diwali to you all!

!***Happy Diwali Messages for Brother and Sister 2018***!

A festival full of sweet childhood memories,
the sky full of fireworks,
mouth full of sweets,
the house full of diyas and heart full of joy.
Wishing you all a very Happy and Wealthy Diwali.
May the divine light of Diwali
spread into your Life
peace, prosperity, happiness
and good health.
Life with you is like Diwali,
so let’s promise to be together like this forever.
Wish you a very Happy Diwali!
Deepon ka yeh tyohaar
Laaya khushiyan hazaar
Mubarak ho aap sabko
Diwali ka tyohaar
Happy Diwali!
Ye Diwali aapke jeevan me khushiyan laaye
Aap sadaa yun hi deeye ki tarah jhilmilaayen!
Diwali ki hardik shubhkamnayen!
Diye ki roshni se har andhera dur ho jaye,
Dua hai ki jo chaho wo khushi aapko manjur ho jaye!
Diwali Ki Haardik Shubhkaamnayein

!***Happy Diwali Messages for Friends and Family 2018***!

Deepavali ka yeh pyara tyohaar,
Jeevan me laye aapke khushiya apaar,
Lakshmiji viraaje aapke dwar,
Shubhkamna hamari karein sweekar!
Diwali Ki Bahut Bahut Badhai!
This Diwali, may you be blessed with
Good Fortune - As long as Ganeshji's trunk,
Wealth and Prosperity - As big as his stomach,
Happiness - As sweet as his ladoos and
Troubles - As Small As His Mouse.
Happy Diwali!
A festival full of sweet childhood memories,
A sky full of lights,
Mouth full of sweets,
And heart full of joy.
Wishing You All A Very Happy Diwali!
May the light of the diyas guide you on the way to happiness and success. Happy Diwali to you and your family!
May the joyous celebration
Of this divine festival
Fill your heart with
Never ending joy and happiness!
Happy Diwali
May the divine light of Diwali diyas spread Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health in your life. Wish you a very Happy Diwali!!
Let me make your Diwali celebration more cheerful & colorful with the lights of wishes of my heart. Happy Diwali my friend!
For this special time of Diwali celebration family and friends gets together for fun. Wishing laughter and fun to cheer your days, in this festive season of Diwali and always...Happy Diwali.
May The Goddess Laxmi Bless You With Prosperity And Good Luck. Happy Dhanteras And Deepawali To You And Your Family! May The Festival Of Light Encircle Your Life With Joy And Happiness. With These Blessings Sending My Warm Wishes To You On Diwali And Always.
HAPPY DIWALI TO YOU! May you be surrounded by family and lots of love on this Diwali 2018. Have prosperous Diwali.
To my lovely family, wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali 2018. Let this Diwali bring in prosperity and good luck in our homes and spread love in our family.
Dear family, I wish you all a happy Diwali celebration 2018. I hope you all are burning fireworks and spreading light and happiness in our home. Enjoy a safe and cheerful Diwali!
To dear family, here is my Happy Diwali wishes for all of you. I pray this Diwali be the best of all for you and let it bring in success in all our lives forever.
May your life get filled with happiness, prosperity and merriment. May all your troubles vanish and your life gets blessed with Divine energy. Wishing you a very Happy Diwali my dearest Brother.
Wishing that your life glows with happiness, prosperity and joy on this Diwali and always. Have a prosperous Diwali dearest bro!!
I pray to God that the sparkles of lamps illuminate your life with happiness, prosperity, good health, wealth and fortune. Wishing you a cheerful, safe and Happy Diwali Bhaiya.

!***Happy Diwali Messages for Teachers 2018***!

To dear teacher, the light of knowledge you give is similar to the light of Diwali which brings in luck and love for all of us. Wishing you a happy Diwali.
For my teacher, wishing you a Happy Diwali. I hope you are burning down fireworks and spreading light and happiness in your home. Have a safe and prosperous Diwali.
Dearest teacher, I wish you a happy Diwali through this message. I hope you are enjoying the festival by burning fireworks and spreading light in all lives.

!***Happy Diwali Messages For Whatsapp and Facebook 2018***!

May the gift of prosperity and happiness fill your heart and home with joy on Diwali and always… Happy Diwali everyone…!!

Light a lamp of love! Blast a chain of sorrow! Shoot a rocket of prosperity! Fire a flowerpot of happiness! Wish u and your family “SPARKLING DIWALI”

Diwali night is full of lights, may your life also be filled with colors and lights of happiness. Happy Diwali!!

!***Happy Diwali Messages in Hindi 2018***!

Safalta Kadam Chumti rahe, Khushi Aaspas ghumti rahe, Yash Itna faile ki kasturi sharma jaye, Laxmi ki kripa itni ho ki Balaji bhi dekhte rah jaye. !!Happy Diwali!!

I Pray to God to give U...Shanti, Shakti, Sampati, Swarup, Saiyam, Saadgi, Sukh, Samridhi, Sanskar, Swaasth, Sanmaan, Saraswati, Sneh aur Safalta. Shubh Deepawali!

Aayi aayi Diwali aayi, Saath me kitni Khushiya laayi, Dhoom machao, mauz manao, Aap sabhi ko Diwali ki badhai. Happy Diwali !!

Ek Dua Mangte hai hum apne Bhagwan se...Chahte hai Aapki Khushi Pure imaan se, Sab Hasratein Puri Ho Aapki, Aur Aap Muskaraye Dil-o-Jaan se!! Wish u a very Happy Diwali...

Jhilmilate dipon ki aabha se prakashit ye Diwali aapke ghar aangan mein Dhan dhanya sukh samridhi aur ishwar ke annat aashirwad le kar aaye. SUBH DEEPAWALI.

Light a lamp of Love, Blast a chain of sorrow, shoot a rocket of prosperity, and fire a flowerpot of happiness. Wish you and your family SPARKLING DIWALI!!

Wishing you and your family a wealthy, prosperous, delightful and bright DEEPAWALI.

No matter how little their light is, they can still light up the whole world and bring us out of our dark agonies. May the lights of Diwali play such role in your life. Happy Diwali.

May every aspect of your life become as luminous and exciting as the lights flickering on the lamps in the festival of lights. Happy Diwali.
The truth of life is that existence wants our life to become a festival...because when one is unhappy, we also throw unhappiness all around. Celebrate this festival of light and spread joy, happiness and warmth all around! HAPPY DIWALI!!

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